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Bob’s Donuts (San Francisco, CA) - Bob’s Donuts on Polk Street is a local institution in San Francisco for several reasons

  • It is open 24 hours a day in a location that has many bars, clubs and residences, a ready customer base especially on late nights.
  • It bakes fresh donuts continuously day and night and has a Twitter feed  which tells you what donuts are fresh out of the fryer.
  • It has donuts the size of travel pillows called the Big Donut.  If you can finish it on site within 10 minutes, you get a free T-Shirt.  Look at the photo and check out the size in comparison to the donut holes and the regular donut on back left.

If you are in the neighborhood, you will find lines out the door when the donuts are fresh (driven by the Twitter feed)



what if the world really did end in 2012 or 2000 or 1996 or whenever people say the world was supposed to end, but instead of the world ending instantly, it was a slow and gradual thing. instead of the world ending in explosions and fire and righteous holy light, it’s gonna end in decay and drought and people tearing each other apart and we’re only now just realizing it and we’re waiting for the end with a “finally” on our tongues

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